Suddenly, radio is back in the living room

As can be seen from the studies, this technology is a very interesting and mass-suitable channel, especially in the area of ​​the media genre radio, which should be observed. Suddenly radio is back in the living room, it leaves its niche role as Nebenbeimedium in the car or under the shower. A conservative and wait-and-see strategy in the most important images music, content-related topic implementation, moderate response, comedy and news would be “far from reality”. It quickly becomes clear that the battle for content has begun – this is second- and third-party exploitation, as an on-demand or subscription model.

 Voice Services can be connected anywhere – in the car or on the elliptical machine < / h4>
Once professional stations quickly give away their full potential when they close their eyes to the digitization process. And Alexa and Co. are just the beginning! In the future, we’ll take Alexa or Siri home with us – to work, to the gym, on vacation. Because the Voiceservices can be connected everywhere – in the car, at work, in the hotel room on Samos or on the crosstrainer.

Audio will play a crucial role in the future – radio stations already have advantages that just need to be recognized and used.