Düsseldorf, 7. Dezember 2017 – Smart speakers are about to become the top sellers for Christmas. This is changing the audio market enormously. For Rainer Henze (laut.de), chairman of the focus group Audio in the BVDW, it is clear: “Smart speakers will replace our kitchen radio.”

Kitchen radio is indispensable in German households. But Amazon Echo, Google Home or Telekom, which recently announced its own smart speaker, threaten the classic because of their additional functionalities. New figures from Amazon show that the “Echo Dot” has already been sold millions of times and is the company’s best-selling device [1]. With the current advertising campaign for the device, the chances are great that such smart speakers will be the Christmas gift of the year.

“Intelligent voice assistants are the megatrend of the year, voice first is the new communication strategy,” says Rainer Henze. “Since launching in February of this year, the use of our Alexa skills [2] has almost quadrupled. And this growth accelerates, from October to November, we noticed an increase of over 25 percent. Other providers should look similarly positive. ”

Also, according to a BVDW study from November, language assistants enjoy great popularity among consumers. Three out of four Germans (75 percent) have already gained experience with digital language assistants or can imagine using them. Four out of ten respondents (39 percent) appreciate the quick access to information (for example, Wikipedia), similar numbers (38 percent) find the search engine search particularly interesting.

Webradio monitor 2017 proves the boom

Since 2009, the webradiomonitor of BVDW, BLM and VPRT has regularly recorded current trends and developments in the German online audio market. The study results also reflect the growing importance of voice control in Germany. Already four percent of online audio listeners already hear such offers on voice-controlled devices. As online audio is used by users at 76% of the time, according to the Webradio Monitor, the potential for Alexa Echo, Google Home & Co. is enormous – and the threat to kitchen radio all the more obvious. In addition, more than 40 percent of online audio providers say that voice-controlled communications devices will play a particularly important role in the future.

(c) BVDW https://www.bvdw.org/der-bvdw/news/detail/artikel/smart-speaker-werden-das-kuechenradio-abloesen/