Welcome to the first dynamic skill content management system!

For a better understanding what possibilities we offer, we created the “Skill Anatomy”. Here we are trying to describe all functionalities in a Skill. Nearly every interaction text or audio from Alexa can be changed in the CMS. The first dynamic skill content management system is the first step to a full flexible tool to interact via voice assistants with your audience.
We also take a look into the future with some upcoming features like Skill Notification, full text search and the “Next big Thing”.


1. Start

Skill Maker offers a different type of Welcome Messages: textual or audio. The user gets this message when he starts your skill for the first time. So take this chance to make a proper on boarding.


2. Random welcome messages

Create a pool of text or audio messages that the skill will play time dependent and random to make it more personalized.


3. Help

Offer the users after “Alexa, help” a brief help message.


4. Good Bye

You decide how your Skill will say “Good Bye” to the user: with one or many time dependent and random messages.


5. Podcast

One or a couple of podcasts – you decide what your Skill is capable of. In the backend you find all the tools to setup this feature.


6. News, weather, traffic

“Alexa, what are my news on [Your SKill]?” It was never been so easy to offer all the information your radio station has. If you need help, please drop us a line: dev@skill-maker.com


9. Audio Search

“Alexa, ask [Your Skill] about [Topic A]?”. We launched Skill Maker with the functionality to search for provided metadata. In 2018 we will offer you a text search within your audios as an additional premium feature.


8. Interaction

Skill Maker offers a different set of Welcome Messages: textual or audio. You can mix text with audio, important is, that you use a message when the user starts your skill for the first time. After that you can offer him different type of shorter messages and let our system choose the right one depending on his daytime.


7. Notification

There is a breaking news or a new podcast episode? We will offer notification as an new premium feature in the near future to let your user know.


10. Visual Support

Yes, we are waiting too that we can provide Visual Radio on screen devices. We will offer within this feature a special content management system to create time dependent content-loops. Mail us for a preview dev@skill-maker.com


11. Next big thing!

Watch out for Summer 2018. There will be a major upgrade to Skill Maker.

It is so easy!

You will see that you only need a couple of minutes to build your own Skill. Build one and test it on your device for free. We will only charge you when the Skill is available in the Amazon Skill Store.

For the deployment of your Skill we will need following data for the Amazon Skill Store:

– Name of the Skill
– Invocation name ( how you start the skill – like “Alexa, play [Your Skill]”)
– Two icons (108x108px and 512x512px)
– Short Description (160 chars)
– Long Description

Sample for (First) Welcome Messages:
An Audio or text, which the user gets once, like “Hi, nice that you startet our Skill for the first time. These are the good-to-know things…”

(Normal) Welcome Message: After this you can offer the user messages like “H, ..”

Good Bye Message: “CU next time…Thanks for listening…”

News, Weather, Traffic
Offer an mp3 audio with the latest news, traffic or weather information to the user.
Audios must follow some rules, otherwise there will be some time lags within the skill.
• The MP3 must be a valid MP3 file (MPEG version 2).
• The audio file cannot be longer than ninety (90) seconds.
• The bit rate must be 48 kbps. Note that this bit rate gives a good result when used with spoken content, but is generally not a high enough quality for music.
• The sample rate must be 16000 Hz.

Description coming soon.

In this phase of the Skill Maker we are using a resume function if the user restart the podcast function. For news podcasts we will offer another way in the future.