Voice Interactions for starters

If you are a podcaster with a small audience group, a webradio or a college/school/university radio – this skills are meant for you. Start your voice experience here.
We will check every entry if it fits in this category.

Plans and Pricing for Professionals

Every Podcaster or Radio Company that doesn’t fit in the description above should select their preferred Skill here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which kind of Skills are you offering?

We actually offering a custom interaction model for Radio and Podcaster, a Flash Briefing Skill and coming soon a Video Skill for Amazon Alexa Echo Devices.
We are looking forward to support other voice assistants like Cortana or Google Home.

What can I changed in the Backend?

You can nearly everything in the backend: Either you want Alexa to play audios as a response or a text – and of course you can change the content without updating the skill.
This makes our dynamic skill management so powerful.
Adding Podcasts or new streaming channels, news mp3 and so on.

What Skill-Parts can I change for the users?

We added different types of welcome messages: the first one can be long and you can explain to the user what he can expect from your skill. After this we choose a random text or audio you provide. As an additional function you can decide it a message is played time dependent.
Same for good-bye-messages.

How do I send a notification to Alexa Echo?

We are working on that and will provide this feature when it is released.

Do you support Google Home, Siri, Cortana, Jibo and Viv?

Yes, but unfortunately they haven’t a convenient Audio/Radio Function. For example: Google Home Support only Audios with a length up to 2 minutes and a special Bitrate. We believe, that this is not suitable for any of you. But if we recognize any Changes from them we will offer this Speech Assistant Platforms as well.

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If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.