For audio content producers, a new era is breaking! Smart Speaker systems, such as Alexa & Co, Push Audio from the niche into the entire social environment.
Hardly a bus or a S-Bahn without headphone-carrying people who hear the most diverse content.

And these digital sources make on-demand listening grow exponentially.
Users can decide when, how and what to listen to at what time.
Audiocontent producers have to face these new requirements!

The Skillmaker is the solution to take part in this technological revolution.
In the next steps, we are expanding the Skill Maker with the voice services Google Home, Microsoft Cortana and HomePod.

Who are we?

The Konsole Labs GmbH is the Media Transforming Company. We develop innovative solutions for media companies to publish their content on multiple digital platforms and channels – and all in multimedia!
We try to adapt to the existing workflows.

Our products include audio transcription with timestamping, text categorization, audiogram creation and video subtitling. To do this, we create connections to all digital devices. These include Smartphone & SmartWatch apps, Smart Speaker Skills, Smart TV apps, InCar apps, and enriched Push Notifications.

Skill Builder is a trademark of Konsole Labs GmbH from Potsdam, Germany.