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Here You get quickly and easily all the tools for your skill at hand. It has never been easier to help shape the digital future.

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Podcast, music stream, news briefing, video or custom skill – anything is possible. Decide which features you want to pack in your skill.

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Pay only what you really need. Our skills are using professional technology for everyone – from the media company to the small podcaster



Use your skill for direct communication with the user, ask questions about music and artists, expand your skill with creative content.


The Berlin podcast label Viertausendhertz is one of our launch partners with their first Skill for Amazon Alexa Devices.

Radio Paloma

Alexa without Schlager? Unthinkable! We are pleased that Radio Paloma is one of our launch partners and that all channels are available through the new Alexa Skill.

Voice is now !

If analogue broadcasting was geared towards mass-compatible content, the era of individual content is starting now! Each user decides for himself what he hears and above all when, where and how. This is a big advantage of Smart Speakers like Amazon Echo, HomePod or Google Home. Be part of the digital transformation! Create your own skill quickly and easily and share it with your listeners.

Robert Förster, CEO Multicast Media

Check the anatomy of our skills!

There are many ways to customize the skill. In order not to lose track, we have created the page “Skill Anatomy”. Here’s how to customize the skill and options.

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Radio Skill

You are a small, medium, a radio group with several stations or college or school radio? Perfect we have the right Radio Skill for you!

Podcast Skill

Do you produce one or more podcasts? We offer you the opportunity to publish your episodes in a specially developed skill.